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One of my favorite places for lunch! Awesome sandwiches and wraps. And one of the only places on island with soup!

Lyndesy V. 2018

Great place to grab a quick bite; to-go or dine-in. I was immediately greeted by friendly staff. I ordered an iced coffee which came with coffee ice cubes so it doesn’t get watered down (amazing!) and a breakfast sandwich on a croissant which was piping hot and delicious! Place didn’t disappoint, highly recommend!

Tyler R. October 2020

Absolutely the best sandwiches on the island and great customer service. We have all the guests that rent our home to call ahead and order before leaving the island. You know what they say to me, why didn’t you tell me about this place when we arrived, so now we do. If u haven’t been there just GO and if u have I’m sure you’ll be back.

Lee P. October 2020

We ate breakfast and lunch here and the food and the service were phenomenal

Sheerie A. 2018

I love Sam&Jacks deli! During all of the covid times they are still open and helping out as much as possible. Breakfast boxes and lunch boxes have been so affordable and it's been getting people by as far as groceries. $40 for sandwiches for a whole week and water as well is a great deal on St. John and I really appreciate when a business doesn't just try to get as much as they possibly can out of customers in times like this when most of us are out of work. Thanks Sam & Jacks, keep on keeping on!

Gabrielle S. April 2020

We came here back in 2013 and were very happy with the food and the staff. Getting to come back to St John we were very excited to grab some sandwiches before heading to the beach. They still got it. Keep up the awesome work guys!

Nick L. April 2020

Sandwiches are as big as your head full of quality ingredients. This is not Subway! Hot options include salads, lasagna, stromboli, and eggplant in a single or family sizes. Their prices run from $11 to $14 for single servings, but we usually have leftovers or split a sub. St. John Brewers root beer on self-service tap.

Rick G. March 2020